Helmsman provides services across the end-to-end complex infrastructure and asset value chain from Strategy to Contracts and Alignment, to Project Execution through to Sustainment System Operations.

Fixed Infrastructure
Such as road/rail infrastructure, machine units, bridges, buildings and structures.

Fleet Infrastructure
Such as rolling, flying and floating stock.

Network Infrastructure
Such as pipelines, powerlines, road, rail and telecoms networks.

Process Infrastructure
Such as mining/drilling operations, oil & gas refineries, power plants, continuous manufacturing and production facilities.

Information Technology Infrastructure
Such as social welfare, national administration systems, healthcare, telecoms, central control systems and financial services.


Infrastructure complexity

Spending on Transport infrastructure has increased 100% over the past decade. Engineering and Construction work now comprises 1.2% of GDP with continued unprecedented growth forecasted for many years to come. The focus is quickly shifting to project productivity and innovation rather than time & cost.

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Transport Rail complexity

Engineering firms are no longer expected to simply be design organisations who deliver capability, but rather business partners who are integrated capability. This brings significant cultural and alignment challenges as engineering businesses have to shift from a traditional linear logic, to a more humanistic, contextual approach.

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Mining Power Plants Complexity

Recent years have been challenging for the mining and energy sectors sector, with declines in commodity prices meaning companies have to ratchet up their productivity efforts or reinvent their internal and value chain business models. Additionally, new energy sources such as CSG bring new operational challenges.

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Aircraft complexity

The Defence Industry Policy Statement provides the foundation to take the partnerships between Defence and industry to new levels of cooperation, with a focus on stronger, more strategic partnerships and closer alignment between industry investment and Defence capability needs.

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Man walking close up

In the face of budget cuts to reduce fiscal deficits, affordable government has become the new norm. This means having a relentless focus on delivering greater value for money and stronger collaboration with the private sector to deliver innovation and measurable social benefit, not just infrastructure and utility.

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Companies across all industries are reshaping their operations to make them more agile, flexible and responsive to rapidly changing market expectations, technology landscapes and labour markets. The challenge is aligning the corporate vision with the agendas and ambitions of all staff to ensure everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.

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Telecom complexity

The immediate future for Information Technology in Financial Services, Telecoms, Heath, Retail and Government Admin is the coming of true ‘big data’ and figuring out how to leverage the emergence of comprehensive, large scale, cross-boundary information transparency to deliver insights that will change the way we work and live.

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Finance Complexity

The Financial Services sector is fast becoming highly segmented with multiple non-traditional providers leveraging technology and the internet to carve off niche segments. Banking, Insurance and Wealth providers increasingly need to collaborate and innovate with 3rd party organisations to build new capabilities.

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