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Improving asset performance & sustainment.

Helmsman has a strong record of establishing maintenance programs along with productivity and performance improvement for complex asset acquisition, maintenance and sustainment programs.

Establishing Maintenance Programs
During a major asset’s operational life, retaining or improving its performance requires a company to employ maintenance and upgrade programs. For major, complex assets, these are likely to continue for decades and involve considerable investment in dollars, time and resources. With so many variables at play, achieving the desired return on investment can prove a difficult task.

We assist organisations to establish the right type of maintenance and upgrade programs to suit the assets and to target productivity and performance improvements that will maximize returns on investment.

Improving Asset Performance
When maintenance programs fall short of expected outcomes, reviews often identify the need for transformation of the business model. These can be far-reaching, typically requiring multiple changes, including organisational design, governance, operating model, culture, and performance management.

We frequently work alongside organisations during these periods to identify the areas that will deliver the greatest positive impact. We’ve learned that the strongest drivers are not always the most obvious, and are often a combination of controls and competencies. We apply a forensic review of operations to uncover the real issues and then develop a set of controls, competencies and behaviours to achieve the desired outcomes.

Controls are typically reviewed and fine-tuned regularly, and include:

  • Adjusting maintenance philosophy to match usage;
  • Evolving processes to maintain rigorous, repeatable maintenance activities, and
  • Developing systems to capture configuration, usage, failures, and parts.

Competencies and behaviours are human factors and are often overlooked. While improvements in controls usually achieve 5-10% uplift, it is often with considerable investment. However, improvements in human-related activities and interactions can result in extraordinary change, such as 80% performance uplift. But changing behaviours and the ways of working is difficult to achieve and requires strong buy-in from executives and effective change management of those affected.

Our Experience
Helmsman successfully helped a maritime maintenance organisation to achieve 80% performance uplift, an aviation organisation to reach a 36% asset utilisation uplift in the first half of the transformation program and a resources organisation to achieve a significant reduction in turnaround time for a major shutdown.

Each of these focused on the human side of the business, through closer relationships, aligned outcomes, clear accountability boundaries, change of behaviour and restructured performance metrics.