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Bringing people together.

Helmsman view contracts as having both legal and social dimensions, and to drive true business performance both are necessary. Our unique approach ensures a mutual and integrated balance between the two.

A legal contract without a social one can ignore the human elements of an agreement.  It is critical to understand and recognise of the agendas and aspirations of each party, along with the value that each brings to the table and the relationship.

A social contract without the legal can be open to perception and misunderstanding. It can lack appropriate governance mechanisms, have no appropriate pathway for escalation, and may fail to genuinely establish the accountability needed to drive success.

Effective contracts, and the relationships that underpin them, are only possible when everyone is aligned to a common cause. This means that each organisation, team, and individuals involved know what they are striving for, and they truly understand the role they play in achieving it.

Helmsman’s approach means all involved  – across organisations, executives and individuals – share a mindset, agenda and vision towards common and meaningful objectives to achieve an outcome. We:

  • provide guidance on what capabilities and accountabilities should stay within an organisation and those to outsource.
  • help put in place the right contract governance model so that relationships are set up properly from the beginning.
  • facilitate common understanding and clarity of vision. This ensures agendas are aligned.
  • Empower all involved to take responsibility for their future.