Because we tackle the biggest and most complex problems we embrace diversity in our team.

We draw our strength from the diverse backgrounds and talents of our team. We’re not looking for just one type of consultant. The challenges we solve for our clients are complex and multi-dimensional, so we want our people to be too.

We have intentionally designed our culture, our offerings, and unique problem solving approach around five different styles of consultant.


These styles are:

  • Alignment – Facilitators: Bringing people, agendas and visions and ambitions together for a common cause
  • Analysis – Engineers: Resolving ambiguity and uncertainty through logical, rational, structured thinking
  • Design –Architects: Creating the elegant holistic organisational solution and approach
  • Engagement – Counsellors: Supporting change recipients, empowering change agents and managing stakeholders
  • Delivery – Managers: Driving actions, governing quality, managing the journey and taking care of the Team

Each of these styles are vital to doing what we do well, and the are integral to our success. Each style plays a key role in the value we offer our clients, and each brings their own valuable approach, expertise and perspective.

  • Where do you see yourself fit?
  • Which of these are you best at?
  • Which are you most passionate about?
  • Do you fit squarely in one style, or are you adaptable across two or more?

As part of our team, you can expect to be supported to be innovative.  You can expect to challenge the status quo. You can expect that your wellbeing and ambitions are going to be our priority.

If this sounds like a family that you would like to be part of, let’s talk.

Send questions or your resume and cover letter to or call us on +61 2 9922 7069.