While we are a diverse team of people, we have a specific set of beliefs and ideals that unite us.

We deliver Outcomes, not Documents: We have an unwavering, relentless obsession with delivering a measurable and meaningful result for our clients.

We Challenge the status quo: Great results come from doing things differently. Change is hard and sometimes we have to shake things up a bit.

We enjoy Hard Collaboration: Cracking tough problems is rarely easy. We need to challenge each other to be our best and think at our best.

We take Accountability: The buck stops with us, we don’t blame others, we never blame the client, and we aim to become better consultants.

We are Respectful: by valuing and embracing different perspectives and viewpoints from everyone; there’s insight everywhere.

We are Authentic: We know that business is not all about processes, systems and material, so we focus on people and on having genuine conversations.

We are Mindful: Thoughtfulness and consideration for others by always striving to see things from their perspective.

We Walk the Talk: We do what we say and say what we do; we swallow our own medicine and take our own advice.

We find a way: We’re not precious – we do what needs to be done; we are versatile and we are tenacious.

If this sounds like a family you would like to be part of, let’s talk.

Send queries or your resume and cover letter to careers@helmsman-international.com or call us on +61 2 9922 7069.