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The Helmsman Centre enables industry and Government to ‘come together’ to investigate, advocate and address the political, societal, environmental and organisational issues that are causing an impediment to Mega Project productivity and innovation.

Centre Offerings (Proposed – Coming Soon)

Annual Publications
a) Project, Infrastructure & Capital Expenditure – ‘State of the Nation’ Economic Report (2017)
b) Inside Australia’s Mega Projects (2017)

Commissioned Research
‘One-for-One’ research commissioned by organisations to address local problems or enable competitive advantage.

Conferences and Networking
Mega Projects Symposium – Australia’s premier project event addressing national, economic and industry agendas relating to Mega Project productivity and performance. Highlights best practice approaches and advocates for change.

Mega Project Supplier Summit
A deliberately manufactured summit inviting industry suppliers to meet their clients and showcase their capabilities. This is unapologetically a products and services sales and marketing event for suppliers.

Executive Balcony Sessions
An invitational series of intimate forums for Senior Executives to openly discuss key issues with each other and with industry innovators and thought leaders.

Council of Wise Elders
A small hand-selected group of ‘project rock stars’ who are recognised and acknowledged across industry. The council offers its time and advice to Project Executives looking for inspiration and insight.

Cross-Industry Best Practice Visits
Specialised service offering that connects very different organisations and enables them to compare and contrast their operating models and approaches, engendering learning and insight across different industries.

Working Group Collaborations
Multi organisational working groups investigating a diverse range of industry issues relating to Mega Project productivity and performance. Compelling areas of investigation may result in the next National Initiative.