National Initiatives building


The Helmsman Centre is where industry can come together to address the challenges that deliver the biggest improvements to project productivity.

The Centre operates under a co-management approach with industry to enable adoption and benefit realisation from key national research initiatives through:

    • An industry driven agenda addressing issues that will deliver the greatest productivity improvement, as identified by participants.
    • Aligned perspectives and shared insights on what needs to be done to resolve these issues and create a meaningful, measurable impact on the Australian economy.
    • Pragmatic, implementable recommendations and actions disseminated  across multiple industries, ensuring participating organisations are able to realise the benefit.

By bringing academia, industry and government together, The Helmsman Centre aims to improve Australia’s Project Productivity by 5% to 10% nationwide. Industry participants should achieve at least the same level of benefit as the economy.

In this regard the Helmsman Centre will change the paradigm for industry and university collaboration. It will become the reference example for how research centres can drive productivity and innovation.