What was the outcome in mind?

A major Oil and Gas Company wanted to sustain its track record of strong growth.

Why was this project important?

This major Oil & Gas Company expected to receive a ‘war chest’ to invest in new opportunities to develop and construct new hydrocarbon resources, in new regions.

The Executives had ambitious objectives for growth. However, they were failing to deliver their current projects in areas they know well. If this level of performance continued, funding future growth and preserving reputation would become a significant challenge.

We have a great deal of respect for the knowledge and capabilities of this elite group of project professionals. They are experts in their field and we were fortunate to be able to leverage their experience and enhance it with approaches from other sectors to take them to the next level.

What were the complexities that needed to be addressed?

  • The company wanted to demonstrate their capability as highly effective and reliable co-venturers with some of the biggest global resource businesses.
  • The CEO wanted to preserve their culture of flexibility, entrepreneurialism and accountability.
  • Their people were more worried about just ‘getting stuff done’ than how to get it done.

What was the outcome?

With our client, we developed an end-to-end roadmap for complex project delivery that aligned all key parts of the organisation. The roadmap articulated all the key aspects required for major resource development projects and enabled the growth of this capability on-the-fly as needed, filling gaps from project to project. In addition, the roadmap:

  • Improved understanding and focused effort on formalization of capabilities critical to co-venturing.
  • Commenced streamlining and standardising approaches to some functional inputs to projects, increasing productivity, reducing variability and risk.
  • Maintained and leveraged existing organizational flexibility, entrepreneurialism and sense of accountability.

Executives have embraced the roadmap, which has been deployed on major new developments that will enhance both value and reputation with co-venturers.