The unique driving force behind our mission and culture is a single-minded commitment to making a difference. Delivering outcomes NOT documents.

The founders of Helmsman came together with the belief they could deliver greater value to their clients by making good on their recommendations – seeing it through, putting it in place, and delivering outcomes. To this, they brought extensive experience in major strategy and Big 4 firms.

Today our pedigree and deep expertise means we are leaders in advisory services across the complex asset value chain. Key initiatives consolidating our expert position have been:

  • Release of Helmsman Project Performance Diagnostic – based on 9 years of ground-breaking research this tool will change the application of Project Management in Australia
  • Improving client service through research backed methodologies
  • Establishment of the Helmsman Centre for Mega projects.

Helmsman continues to attract highly experienced people with a desire to make a real difference; “delivering outcomes, not documents” and with our expanding team and family of Associates and Partners, look forward to the next 5 years of our growth and development.

2001: Helmsman began “Delivering Outcomes, Not Documents” in Australia with clients across the commercial sector. Eventually we gravitated to the Defence sector working on some of the largest and most complex projects in Australia.

2007: Helmsman led the redesign of the National Project Management Competency Standards with AIPM.

2008: Helmsman established a strategic partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) undertaking ground breaking research to understand the underpinning factors that drive project complexity and what capabilities and controls are required to address them.

2010: Helmsman’s approach to complexity underpinned the DMO approach to Defence Asset sustainment.

2012: Helmsman’s complexity diagnostic audit approach was being leveraged by Deloitte in Europe and the Americas.

2014: Helmsman had expanded its reach from the Defence sector into Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction.

2016: Helmsman releases the diagnostic toolkit for complex projects.

2017: “Better Procurement Australia” – Next year we will be launching our second major research initiative to address the Nation’s largest impediment to project productivity. “Better Procurement Australia” is all about enabling greater innovation in large scale procurement activities. That is; figuring out how organisations can access and leverage the full value of vendor capability without compromising integrity and fair play.